Only a bad musician blames their instument

My music teacher, when I said I couldn’t play because my recorder was broken. It was literally in two pieces. (via pandyssian)

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like I want a man who will snap someone’s neck for laying a hand on me and get worried if I’m in harms way but also who gives me a bath and tucks my hair behind my ear. who barely speaks and puts up a bad boy wall but tells me I’m his world. who waits at the bottom of the stairs for me but also growls in my ear as he pushes me against a wall.

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how do i get abs without doing anything

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when we were babies my dad was a stay-at-home dad while my mom kicked ass in the courtroom but he would carry my twin brother and me around with one baby on the front and one on his back in backpacks

and women would come up and look at how cute i was and coo over me and be like “awww how cute wow”

and my dad would be like, “YOU KNOW WHAT’S CUTER THAN ONE BABY”

and then he’d spin around

and BAM

there was my brother

I love everything about this. 

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